Giving Back

Our Community Mission: Pay It Forward

We build value for our customers through services and solutions, creating long term relationships based on trust and respect, and improving the quality of life through the encouragement of charitable giving.

To contact Martignetti Companies of NH about charitable donations or community events, please fill out our CHARITABLE DONATION FORM and email to Tyler Donoghue, our Charitable Donation coordinator. Please contact us at least 60 days in advance of your event to ensure proper consideration, and please refer to the form for consideration restrictions. As we try to assist as many organizations as possible, we request that non-profits make only one donation request per calendar year. Thank you and best of luck with your event.

Download Charitable Giving Form

Charity Form

Download W-9 Form

W-9 Form

**Please include your charitable organization in the subject line of all correspondence.

All that is good within us, means nothing if we don't PAY IT FORWARD.

We've orchestrated some of the area's most memorable fundraisers and events, and in the process have placed the featured companies we represent in the spotlight. Some of the events/charities we have been involved in:
Good times for a good cause will be remembered for a long time after the event has passed.